Email Marketing: Tips and Tricks [Part 2]

By: Elijah Mendonca Monday September 19, 2016 comments Tags: sendgrid, email marketing, allprowebtools, tips

In a previous article, we read about SendGrid’s guidelines for successfully approaching Email Marketing. This time around, we delve into SendGrid themselves, and how the company approaches users who just need a little help.

As you can imagine, SendGrid is responsible for delivering a gargantuan number of emails, every day. In a world where spammers and malicious senders are a very real threat, how do they screen out the good, the bad, and the misguided?

Well, SendGrid has a very solid vetting process to prevent malicious high-volume senders. Signing up for a premier account, where you send over 2.5 million messages or more a month, means an extremely rigorous vetting process. On the low volume side, accounts are constantly reviewed. They monitor spam report rates, bounce rates, low open rates, and use delivery and engagement metrics to flag bad senders and bring them to the top of the ‘watchlist.’ For confirmed offenders, there’s an auto suspension that kicks in. Accounts at the top of the watchlist are steadily reviewed, and if someone was unfairly auto-suspended, SendGrid takes the time to walk them through better emailing practices. This process usually helps the struggling ones stay out of further trouble and improve their sending practices.

And as promised, we have a few more Email Marketing tips from SendGrid to share with you!

The Kiss of Death: 

The modern Kiss of Death, to you as a sender, is being reported as spam by a recipient. Luke Martinez described one spam report as “worth a 100 unsubscribes.” If you aren’t especially vigilant, you could be digging yourself a into a tough spot. It’s hard to come back from a number of spam reports, so remember: prevention is the best cure!

Using a New Domain: 

Using a new IP or domain to send out emails has to be done slowly, and the results must be monitored! Start with your most engaged recipients, to get the ‘reputation’ juices flowing. If you start out on a new Google Apps or Office 365 domain, it's a good idea to send all of your day one traffic to your own office. If everyone in your workplace adds the new domain to their contact list or opens the email, it sends good algorithms to gmail. This will enable you to warm up the new domain much faster.

Double Opt-In: 

Double Opt-In is actually a detriment to your email campaign! A Double Opt-In is when a prospect signs up for your email campaign, but has to verify their account or email address before being sent anything. SendGrid advises against this practice, and does not have it set as a requirement. Most people don’t force a double opt in, and those that do often have a 30% loss in potential subscribers.

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