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By: Aubrey Blankenship Friday May 12, 2017 comments Tags: champion carpet, featured client, small business

If you've ever tried swimming with your shoes on, you surely noticed that they weigh you down, and you can move much faster without them. Likewise, as a small business, every day you are learning new ways to shed what's weighing you down and focus on ways to move forward more quickly. You can't afford to waste time and resources because they are severly limited at times. One of our clients, Champion Carpet, knows this feeling all too well as they have been working to streamline their processes and work smarter not harder for nearly three decades.

Back when the Yellow Pages was the way to advertise, Champion Carpet did it. When pagers came along, Champion figured out how to integrate them into their business. And when cell phones were finally introduced, Champion had those too.

In recent years, with the sudden burst in technological advancement, Champion, along with other small businesses, have been challenged to choose between a myriad of marketing tools. There is no longer one primary way to advertise and promote your business, and there are so many different marketing tools to choose from. As part of their marketing and overall company management strategy, Champion started using AllProWebTools two years ago, and like the introduction of cell phones, AllProWebTools has completely revolutionized how they manage their business. 

With emails, tasks and passwords stored and accessible within their AllProWebTools account, Marketing & Communications Manager Christine Hernandez says she “doesn’t get bothered every five minutes for login information or by people wondering what they need to be doing next.” Christine estimates that AllProWebTools saves them at least $200 a month by replacing other software programs they no longer use. Champion's AllProWebTools systems also saves them approximately five hours a week that they had to pay for a Virtual Assistant's time previously. They also are able to notice and respond to service requests (average of $280 each) that went unnoticed previously, by using AllProWebTools's CRM Email Inbox WebTool. It's easy to see why Champion has adopted, and kept, a program like AllProWebTools. In the next two years, Champion actually sees themselves growing by $350,000 in annual revenue, along with a 30% increase in commercial clients, and they are leaning on the business and marketing tools provided within AllProWebTools to help them achieve their goals.

Christine can remember what life was like was before the invention of automated computer systems for business, and she's thankful for the advancements afforded by today's technology. “I don’t miss the nostalgia of the ‘old’ days,” she remarks, “our employees would call the office from payphones if they needed something, so we had to provide them with enough quarters. This was especially troublesome if a client cancelled on us last minute, or if someone needed more information about a job from the office. We had to handwrite paychecks, keep all of our records on paper, and do so many other redundant things like hand mail invoices. It took an average of 53 days to get paid after a job was completed.”

But while Champion is a successful, thriving business today, they never stray too far from their roots. Champion is a family-owned business and they like the impact they can make as a result. For example, a couple of months ago, Champion noticed they had a struggling employee. He was living in a garage with 11 other people with no space to charge his phone or store any food. In the office, he would quietly prepare his breakfast, lunch, and dinner - an unusual habit for their employees. When Brenda and DJ, the owners, realized the gravity of his situation, they celebrated the act of making food, turning it into a family tradition at the office. Now, all of the employees come together every morning and afternoon to make breakfast and lunch together, with food provided by Champion. This is the kind of family experience Champion loves to provide to employees and clients alike, and they want to maintain this small business focus no matter how big they grow. 

AllProWebTools was created to support businesses like Champion Carpet, because we believe that small business owners are the ones actually holding up the local economy. We bridged the gap between affordable and functional to allow small business owners to thrive, rather than spend their days working twice as hard to get ahead.

If you would like to see how AllProWebTools can support your growing business, try out our demo. We strive to provide you with everything you need to be a raving success. 


Aubrey Blankenship

About the Author: Aubrey Blankenship

Aubrey Blankenship is the CEO of online marketing company INFUSEALLY, which focuses on providing big business marketing strategies and execution to small businesses. For the past 11 years, Aubrey has been building her knowledge and experience in marketing, graphic design, writing, social media, SEO, web design, analytics and strategy for both businesses and marketing agencies. She consults for B2B and B2C companies ranging from under $100k in annual revenue to over $20 million, and teaches DIY marketing classes to entrepreneurs. She lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with her husband, Brandon and their three children.




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