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By: Elijah Mendonca Monday May 15, 2017 comments Tags: champion carpet, featured client

If you’ve taken a survival swimming class, it’s likely you’ve been taught to kick off your shoes, because they only weigh you down; decreasing your odds of success. As a small business, every day is a lesson in survival. They aren’t afforded the generosity of making up for their mistakes, and neither are they capable of accessing the huge technological advantages that bigger corporations thrive off. But none of this means that survival can’t be easier. For Champion Carpet, moving with the times has kept them afloat for nearly three decades without the need to manically gasp for air.

When Yellow Pages were the way to advertise, Champion Carpet did it. When pagers came along, Champion figured out emergency codes and all sorts of functionality unique to their business, and made the system their own. And when the big, brick cell phones were the latest hit, Champion had those too. Marketing & Communications Manager Christine Hernandez said she felt like “the coolest kid in school because (she) had one.”


In recent years, with the sudden burst in technological advancement, larger businesses have been putting themselves ahead by pouring copious amounts into funding technology infrastructure. AllProWebTools was created to address this, intending to serve as a support system for small businesses like Champion Carpet - the ones who don’t have the luxury of beating the big boys at their own game just yet. It was made to combine the best parts of functionality and feasibility so small businesses don’t have to suffer inundation by one-off softwares that either do everything and cost too much, or cost nothing and are next to useless. AllProWebTools was created to become the bridge this gap.


Since the business is family owned, Christine is at the same time old enough to remember what life was like was before the invention of automated computer systems for business, but at the same time young enough to experience the technological boom in her early years. “I don’t miss the nostalgia of the ‘old’ days,” she remarks, “our employees would call the office from payphones if they needed something, so we had to provide them with enough quarters. This was especially troublesome if a client cancelled on us last minute, or if someone needed more information about a job from the office. We had to handwrite paychecks, keep all of our records on paper, and do so many other redundant things like hand mail invoices. It took an average of 53 days to get paid after a job was completed.”


For close to two years now, the company has been using AllProWebTools, a long haul from the tech of yore. With emails, tasks and passwords stored and accessible within the software, Christine says she “doesn’t get bothered every 5 minutes for login information or by people wondering what they need to be doing next.” Christine estimates that the software has saved them at least $200 a month in place of different software, on top of saving 5 hours per week paying their Virtual Assistant, and the 3 service requests (average of $280 each) that would’ve gone unnoticed had they not been using the CRM Email Inbox WebTool. In the next two years, Champion sees themselves growing by $350,000 in annual revenue, along with a 30% increase in commercial clients. As they continue to streamline more internal processes, they are well on their way to achieving their goals.


While corporations may have a rather unfair advantage when it comes to technological advancements, there are some things that corporations can’t do, and that’s care as a family would. A couple of months ago, Champion Carpet noticed they had a struggling employee - he was living in a garage with 11 other people, with no space to charge his phone or store any food. In the office, he would quietly prepare his breakfast, lunch, and dinner - an unusual habit for their employees. When Brenda & DJ, the owners, realized the gravity of his situation, they celebrated the act of making food, turning it into a family tradition at the office. Now, all of the employees come together every morning and afternoon to make breakfast and lunch together, with food provided by Champion Carpet. It’s the family experience that can’t be compared with a larger firm.


For Christine, further job satisfaction comes from knowing that they are a dependable company: “As a mother who knows the struggle of keeping a household in order, not knowing if you can trust the people coming into your home is one of the biggest concerns, so we take pride in being the company you can trust.” Champion Carpet has excelled in this area, going so far as to save a family from bankruptcy. “Their house had been used to grow cannabis,” says Christine, “and when they decided to sell the house they were unable to remove the odor and contaminants. We came in and got the job done in three days!”


AllProWebTools was created to support businesses like Champion Carpet, because we believe that small business owners are the ones actually holding up the local economy. We bridged the gap between affordable and functional to allow small business owners to thrive, rather than spend their days working twice as hard to get ahead. It’s the least we could do to help foster such inspiring stories.


Visit their website at championcarpetcolorado.com

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