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By: Kat Webster Monday October 2, 2017 comments Tags: allprowebtools

I have a customer named Bill. Bill orders the same cups for his pizzeria every 15 days from my online store. Bill use to put in the order manually once a month, but one day Bill forgot. The pizzeria ran out of cups and Bill and his customers were frustrated. Do you have a customer like Bill? With the AllProWebTools Autoship feature you can help Bill never run out of cups again! This feature sets a recurring order for the consecutive amount of days of your choice. So since Bill needs 150 cups every 15 days we can set the Autoship order for every 15 days! Today we will explore how to take advantage of this extremely useful feature!

Activating Autoship

In order to allow any AllProWebTools Autoship orders to be made the autoship check box must be turned on. To turn on the Autoship check box you may:

  • click "settings" > "Store"
  • There you will find the tab for "Recurring Product Options" 
  • You can click that tab and the "Autoship CheckBox" with appear then you may turn that option on

Setting Autoship With New Order

  •  The customer may set their Autoship order by selecting the "Subscribe to this Order"  check box that appears when placing the order from your website. After selecting "Subscribe to this Order" a drop down will appear allowing the customer to set the recurring shipment date. 
  • If the order is being created through the console, after you create the order you may select "Pay Order"  >  "Credit Card" and at the top of the credit card input will be a drop down titled "Recurring Charge Frequency" where you can select how often the order is to recur. 

Setting Autoship With Existing Order

To set an autoship from an existing order you must be logged into the "My Account" page of the customer. If you are the business owner and need to set the ownership for your customer you can log into their account by following these steps:

  1. From your dashboard select the magnifying glass (Or search bar) at the top right of your screen to search for the customers CRM record
  2. Once you are on their Contact page you can locate the "Login As Buyer" button to the right of your page above the account insight box
  3. This will take you to the customers "My Account" page
  4. If you scroll down you will see a box for "Your Order History" 
  5. Once you have located the order you would like to to have recur you can locate the "Autoship" button to the right of the order (If the autoship button is not available you may want to ensure the Autoship check box is turned on and that the customer has a credit card on file, without those two things the autoship button will not be available.) 
  6. You may select that button and another screen will appear to help you choose the date of the autoship

If you are the customer you can simply log into your account from the owners website and go to "My Account" page then follow steps 4-6.

NOTE: The new shipment of the recurring order will begin X amount of days from the day you set the autoship.

Editing Your Recurring Order

  • Customer Editing Their Order: Log into your account and go to your Account Page. Once on your account page you may scroll down to see the "Your Order History" box in that box you may find the order that you would like to edit and to the right of the order will be a "Edit/Repeat" button you may click to edit the frequency, edit the order, or cancel the recurring order.
  • Owner Editing the Customer Order: From the console you can hover over the "Reports" buttons to the right of your page > then hover over "Sales" > and click "Recurring Sales"   OR     You can locate the customers CRM file by clicking the magnifying glass (or search bar) at the top right of your screen and searching for your customers CRM file. Once on their file you can locate the panel for "Recurring Orders" to the right side of their page. This panel only appears if the customer has a Recurring Order set up. This panel will show the original order number (that the recurring orders are based off of) and the frequency
    you can click on Edit to change the "Next Charge," the "Frequency," or cancel the recurring order

NOTE: Recurring Orders only work if the customer has a credit card set up. 

Autoship can make recurring orders an ease for any of your loyal customers like Bill! If you have any suggestions please be sure to share, and if you need additional support click here

Kat Webster

About the Author: Kat Webster

My name is Kathlein, but you can call me Kat! I am the Client Communications Coordinator here at AllProWebTools. I moved to Florida from small town Oklahoma. So when I'm not helping small business owners conquer daily challenges, I enjoy spending my free time lounging on Florida's Beautiful beaches with my family.




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