Stagnant Pond or Attractive Destination? The Importance of an Active Website

By: Anna Yates Thursday August 1, 2019 comments Tags: website, content marketing, content

Does your Website Welcome New Customers, or is it Accidentally Making them Turn Away? 

Have you ever seen a stagnant pond? When the water doesn't flow, algae can grow, the water turns totally green, and things start to die. Nobody wants to swim in that pond! 

Stagnant websites are no more appealing than stagnant ponds. When you don't add new content to your website, there's no incentive for people to come back to it. New content brings life to your website and makes it an attractive destination. It gives existing customers something new and interesting to see, and continually offers visitors from Google reasons why they should do business with you. In order to make the most out of your website and Google presence, you need fresh content and an active website! 

Types of Content to Keep Your Website Active

  • Blogs
  • Dictionary Terms
  • Webpages
  • Landing Pages

Why Keep Your Website Active?

Consistently adding content to your website keeps it active and appealing. How does it do that? Here are 3 ways new content helps your business:

1. Increases your website's SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pretty simple at its core. Google wants to know that you have a quality website that offers your customers something valuable. So they favor websites that are keyword optimized and have lots of internal linking. The more webpages you have that are optimized for keywords and internal links, the higher your site will be ranked.

So how can new content increase your SEO? When you add new blogs, you have the opportunity to add internal links and increase your keyword optimization. In other words, consistently adding new blogs - with keyword optimization of course - boosts your site on Google so new customers can see your business!

2. Attracts customers back to your website.

If there's nothing new on your website, why would your customers come back to it? When you add interesting blogs that answer real questions or needs from your customers, your customers will want to visit your website. You can even promote blogs through emails and social media to make sure your blog is getting in front of as many people as possible. That not only presents you as a popular business and active member of the community, it gets customers thinking about your brand more often, interacting with it, and eventually doing business with it!

3. Educates customers, builds trust, and moves them toward purchasing.

Before people do business with your brand, they want to know that you're an expert in your field. Plus, they often need education about the products and services you offer.

Blogs are the perfect way for you to prove you're an expert and build trust with customers. You can write blogs about your products and services, customer testimonials, company culture, and how you compare to your competition. When new customers visit your site, they'll be able to visit your blog if they need answers. Or when people search for keywords related to your business, they can find your blogs that answer their questions. And for existing customers, blogs keep your business top of mind and offer them ways to stay connected with you.

Landing pages also educate, build trust, and moves customers toward purchasing - and they do it in a highly focused way. Everything in a landing page is centered on one topic. It's optimized for sales and applicable for specific offers and promotions. You can create new landing pages for every new offer and promotion you run. 

How to Manage Content On Your Website

  1. Add blogs or webpages with the TinyMCE editor.
  2. Create new webpages or landing pages with the Drag & Drop editor.
  3. Add new terms in the Dictionary System

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